Questions and More Questions

By Casey Cross, Young Disciples Director

Questions are my favorite. I actually love it when kids go through that phase where they think it’s really funny to ask question after question as you the adult try to answer each and every one, eventually becoming flustered and flabbergasted as you realize the never-ending questions are the joke (and purpose) of the whole conversation. I think the whole point of having an answer is to find the new question. That’s the journey. That’s what it’s all about. We never really arrive, we just take the next step in the journey with a new question.

The hardest part thing about questions is that they dig up and dig into the hardest things about life. A good question will always confront you with a particular insecurity. So how do we deal with those hard questions? How do we deal with the insecurities they force us to face? Here’s an article you may find helpful as you prepare yourself for those hard questions kids force us to face.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: What is the hardest question you’ve ever been asked? How did you respond? Where do you stand with that question today?

THINK ABOUT IT: Today, question the questions. What instigated that question? Where does that question come from inside of you (your gut? your heart? your mind? your toe (as you stub it and wonder where that thing in the walkway came from)? What makes that question important to you, or the person who asked it, right now? What is that question really about?

Enjoy the journey, step by step.