Let’s Talk About Trust

Last Wednesday, a small group of adults and youth gathered to talk together about trust. Trust is one of those little words that pack a big punch. Many of us walk around with our own definition expecting others to share a common understanding, but the truth is that our experiences have led us to very different expectations around trust. Our days run on trust – trust that other drivers won’t hit us, trust that people will show up when they say they will, trust that all will go as planned, etc. For something so important, it’s worth spending a little time talking about together.

We used Brené Brown’s lesson, The Anatomy of Trust, to guide our discussion. If you’d like, follow the steps below to re-create what we did on Wednesday for yourself.

  1. Finish this sentence: Trust is…
  2. What are some examples of trust from your own life, or from a book/movie/tv show?
  3. Watch Brené Brown:http://www.supersoul.tv/supersoul-sessions/the-anatomy-of-trust
  4. What stood out to you most from the video?
  5. What word from BRAVING stood out most to you? Which comes most naturally to you? Which is most difficult for you?
  6. Where is God in all of this trust stuff? What’s the difference, or inter-play, between trust and faith?
  7. What word or idea will you take with you this week to continue to think about and/or act on?